NFL Week 9 #boldpredictions


Each week we like to do our take on NFL Network’s #boldpredictions. Here are NOTSC’s predictions for Week 9 (and if you missed, the one before TNF):


Bengals at Dolphins: Everyone will laugh hysterically when the game ends on a safety in overtime (Can you believe we call…okay, FINE. We wrote this on Sunday.)

Chiefs at Bills: Andy Reid will finish the game having eaten more Buffalo wings than Alex Smith has passing yards

Falcons at Panthers: At halftime Tony Gonzalez will retire and ask that it be retroactive to 2012 so that he has 0 ties to the 2013 Falcons

Saints at Jets: Bored by how easy things have been, Drew Brees will play the entire game blindfolded and still finish with 300 yards and 4 TD passes

Titans at Rams: Jeff Fisher will pay homage to the throwback Rams uniforms and his old team by yet again losing this game with a player one yard short of the winning TD

Eagles LB Emmanuel Acho is rooting against that bold prediction:

Bucs at Seahawks: Golden Tate will moon the Tampa sideline after a TD and later claim his pants “slipped off”

Ravens at Browns: Sick of Joe Flacco’s crap, after the game the Baltimore bus will take the new Browns back to Baltimore and leave the old Browns in Cleveland

Steelers at Patriots: Tom Brady will honor the world champion Red Sox by throwing a TD pass to David Ortiz, who will later be signed to play TE

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