SOURCES: Dwight Howard hasn’t ruled out joining the WNBA


Another year has passed, so it’s time for the annual “where is Dwight Howard going now?” festival. Based on what he displayed this year in Los Angeles, many fans are likely praying it’s not to their team. Especially if it means 41 games of having to look at those headbands…yikes. But it has begun, which means he’s ruling out potential destinations. According to sources, there’s one that he hasn’t ruled out might surprise you: The WNBA.

That’s right. The WNBA. Anonymous WNBA scout: “Between his size, whining, and¬†indecisiveness, Dwight Howard is by far the biggest woman I’ve ever seen. Of course we’d want Dwight Howard on our team.” Sounds like Dwight could bring a lot to the table for the WNBA. Nobody’s even questioning him being a “man” wanting to play in the WNBA. His feminine personality far out weighs his external male charcteristics. Plus they let Brittney Griner in, so…yeah.

Brittney Griner may actually be the one that keeps him from joining the WNBA. Sources say Dwight Howard is absolutely terrified at the thought of her dunking on him. He’s even woken up in a cold sweat after dreaming about it during the past season. Yes, while Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade dream about NBA nightmares, Dwight Howard dreams about Brittney Griner. Probably helps explain the Lakers’ record this year.

Regardless, you never know where Dwight’s going to end up. You can eliminate Orlando and that High School JV practice squad in Charlotte (, but beyond that…just about anything is possible. Sure the WNBA sounds outrageous, but so did the idea of him becoming a Laker. Dwight getting embarrassed by women on a regular basis just might make the WNBA mildly watchable. And that would be the biggest miracle of all.


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