Yankees-Red Sox Viewing Guide


Another New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox series is nearly upon us. That can mean only one thing: the rest of Major League Baseball ceases to exist in the eyes of the media. Here’s a look at where you can find all the Yankees- & Red Sox-related content this weekend on your television.

  • “Mythbusters” (Discovery Channel) – Jamie & Adam bust the myth that the Yankees are a playoff team.

  • “World Series of Poker” (ESPN2)  – Final table showdown between Bud Selig & Alex Rodriguez.

  • “Law & Order: MLB” (NBC) – Series premiere.

  • “Anger Management” (FX) – Charlie begins a session with David OrtizPapi-pedroia-phone-freakout

  • “Charlie’s Hustle” (QVC) – Pete Rose hawks bats & baseball’s he’s signed along with Red Sox legend Carl Yazstremski & Yankees great Reggie Jackson.

  • “Bubba-Q” (Food Network) – Red Sox players share their favorite beer & chicken recipes.

  • “SharkNava” (SyFy) – Terror reigns in the outfield of Fenway Park when half-shark, half-Daniel Nava jumps the right field fence and attacks Boston fans.

  • “Breaking PED” (AMC) – Series premiere of new reality show following the Yankees.

  • “True Brilliance with Nikki” (Jewelry Television) – Sunday marathon featuring 23½ hours dedicated to selling replicas of the Yankees’ championship rings & 30 minutes selling fake Red Sox rings

  • “Ancient Discoveries” (History Channel) – A look at winning Yankees teams.

  • “The Biggest Loser” (NBC) – Jillian puts the pressure on CC Sabathia.

  • “Unsolved Mysteries” (Lifetime) – Investigators go undercover to try to find the scout that thought Phil Hughes would be a good pitcher.

  • “Hannity” (FOX News) – Why liking the Red Sox makes you a Communist.

  • “The Wild Life” (Playboy TV) – Cameras follow Derek Jeter out on the town after each game.

The games will air simultaneously on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Desportes, ESPN Sportiva, ESPN 体育会, FOX, FOX Sports 1, FOX Sports 2, ABC, ABC Family Channel, ABC Forever Alone Channel, MLB Network, NHL Network (what else are they going to show in August? Hockey? C’mon!) & Soapnet, then each game will begin airing again on ESPN Classic immediately following the final out.

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