12 year old QB Timmy Smith: “It’s time for YMCA players to get paid.”


The YMCA: the fun family friendly place where kids go to play the sports their heroes play. But turns out, it’s not as clean as you might’ve thought. In a NOTSC exclusive, former 6th grade QB Timmy Smith comes clean on what REALLY goes on behind the scenes at these so called “family friendly” places. He goes into what he was offered for wins, and revealed that he thinks it’s time for elementary & middle school YMCA flag football players to get paid for their services. “Enough is enough,” Timmy says.


Welcome to NOTSportsCenter’s Exclusive Special Report on elementary and middle school YMCA flag football: The Pizza. The Homework. The Juicy Juice. The XBox.

Timmy grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming. “There’s not really a lot to do in Wyoming, it gets boring,” Timmy said. “I got in trouble because i kept throwing rocks at windows, and I ended up shattering like 8 of them. This old lady almost had a heart attack after I broke her window it was so funny hahahaha. But then my parents yelled at me, and I got grounded. Stupid old hag. When my mom wasn’t around my dad said he thought it was funny and that he liked my arm and wanted me to try playing football.”

Little did Timmy know what path he had been set on by his father. “I thought okay why not. I play a lot of Madden so I thought it could be fun despite having never touched a real football.” Timmy started playing at the YMCA at age 9 in 4th grade. “God I sucked at first. I mean I really, really sucked. I sucked more than Joey’s mom does hahahaha. But I had no idea what I was doing, I couldn’t even put the flag on right. It was like I played for the Jaguars.” Even 12 year olds are cracking on the Jaguars. Ouch.

But things quickly started turning around for Timmy. “After a few games I started getting pretty good. I mean most of my receivers stood around picking their nose and eating their boogers and wiping them on the other team, but I just went out and did what I could with what I had. I was making so many big plays running and throwing the ball. I even started signing autographs for my friends parents who would give me like 5 bucks for doing so. I was doing it before Johnny Manziel ruined it for all of us. Jerk.”

With Timmy’s success came team success. “We lost our first 4 games but then ripped off 8 straight wins to make the playoffs.” Once the wins started coming, it didn’t take long for the offers to roll in. “I started receiving pizza and juice boxes after every win. I didn’t ask where they were coming from, I just ate and drank. I was so hungry after every game. I loved it. I was told that if I kept winning, we’d get to go out for pizza and juicy juice after every win. What 10 year old wouldn’t want that? I love me some juicy juice.”

Who doesn’t love Juicy Juice? Timmy continued, “It all sounded so great. Mom kept trying to force me to eat broccoli, and I HATE broccoli. I just wanted pizza and to play football. So I went out there and kicked ass every week for some pizza and juicy juice. Oh crap, I mean butt. Ugh, I’ll have to put money in the damn swear jar again. (Timmy slapped his forehead) I mean the DARN swear jar. Geez. Sorry mom.” See what happens when you try to force your kids to eat broccoli? Maybe now you’ll think twice.

(continued on Page 2: Timmy makes the playoffs and the offers for free stuff come rolling in)

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